2022 edition of Quebec Book Day

2022 edition of Quebec Book Day

The official name of Quebec Book Day is “Le 12 août, j’achète un livre québécois”. It’s an annual event intended to encourage readers to choose literature produced in Quebec.

Launched by authors Amélie Dubé and Patrice Cazeault in 2014, the initiative shines the spotlight on local authors, illustrators and publishers.

At Copibec, Quebec literature is close to our hearts for obvious reasons. In fact, our collective agreement even includes specific provisions to encourage book buying all year long!


Our team’s picks

Here are some favourite Quebec books selected by Copibec team members for 2022:


Cloée’s pick

  • Title: états et abîmes
  • Author: Jean-Philippe Bergeron
  • Éditions Poètes de brousse

“I love poetry because it lets me travel and discover new universes. It reminds me of my father who wrote poems (on a typewriter!). I find there’s beauty in that writing — a form of resistance to the conformity that surrounds us — and it brings us closer to our humanity.”

— Cloée


Simon’s pick

“During this wave of reactionary hate that keeps rising, we have to remember that life moves forward, always and despite everything. Because every story deserves to be heard.”

— Simon


Suzanne’s pick

  • Title: On pleure pas au bingo (Nobody Cries at Bingo)
  • Author: Dawn Dumont
  • Éditions Hannenorak (English edition by Thistledown Press)

“A friend told me about this book and said it would make me laugh. I thought laughing was a very interesting idea. ????”

— Suzanne


Christian’s pick

  • Title: Après Céleste
  • Author: Maude Nepveu-Villeneuve
  • Les éditions de Ta Mère

“I wanted to discover this author that I didn’t know, and explore the issue of bereavement as life rushes forward and eyesight fails (...)”

— Christian


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