Copibec at Montreal’s Colloque pédagogique

Copibec at Montreal’s Colloque pédagogique


Copibec at Montreal’s Colloque pédagogique

Montreal, February 18, 2022 — The 24th edition of the Colloque pédagogique organized by the Alliance des professeures et professeurs de Montréal will be held in person on March 24 and 25 under the theme “I’m more than a number” at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. About 5,000 teachers take part in the event every year. 

  • The significance of the theme “I’m more than a number” is especially fitting in the context of the pandemic, when teachers have ha
  • d to constantly adapt to the changing situation in order to maintain teaching quality.

By participating in the Alliance’s pedagogical symposium, Copibec is reaching out to teachers and recognizing them as key partners.

One of the cornerstones of Copibec’s mission is to pay out royalties to content creators and publishers.     

“Since the teachers are the ones who have the information about how educational and literary publications are being used,” explained Christian Laforce, Copibec’s Executive Director, “it’s essential to explain why we turn to them for data. After all, authors are entitled to fair compensation too.”  

Copibec will take advantage of the opportunity to showcase our various platforms for the education sector, including SAMUEL, a system designed for teaching personnel and educational professionals looking for a wide range of quality content that is copyright compliant.

At the event, we’ll also be featuring DONA, which offers accessible digital content for students with perceptual disabilities (sensory, physical or neurological). 


About Copibec
Copibec is a non-profit social enterprise specializing in copyright management. It represents over 30,000 authors and more than 1,300 Quebec publishers, together with authors and publishers from about 30 countries under repertoire-sharing agreements. It offers convenient, customized solutions that meet the needs of users of copyright-protected content. Copibec is the Quebec counterpart of Access Copyright (Canada except Quebec), the Copyright Clearance Center (U.S.) and the Centre Français d’exploitation du droit de Copie (France).


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Communications Coordinator
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